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The first information about the history of the city dates back to the first millennium BC. By that time Berkowitz area was inhabited by the Thracian tribe. They grew wheat and sheep, treated iron and mined gold in the river valleys of the rivers and Zlatitsa and Vreschitsa. At the beginning of a new era in the land settled Romans, who romanized local Thracian people and contribute to the economic and cultural development. Archaeological monuments of the time showed Roman "villa" near Kalimanitsa, excavations in Berkovskii Calais, Levskovsko Gradishte and the necropolis near him and give information about the washing of gold, found stone sculptures, jewelry, coins, tools, household and construction ceramics, which are kept in the Historical Museum of the city. Berkovskii region is experiencing the fate of the First Bulgarian State in Byzantium, the Second Bulgarian Empire and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
The liberation of Berkowitz from Ottoman rule began on November 3 and ended December 4, 1877 For a month the Russian troops were organizing intelligence on the enemy positions, when finally managed to force the Turks to leave the city. Fourth Kharkov Lancers Colonel Ertelyu comes from the north in Kutlovitsu / Montana / - s.Borovtsi and solemnly enters Berkowitz. After the liberation of the city is the administrative center of the district, but is developing relatively slowly. Berkowitz has gradually lost its economic importance. A lot of small towns were separated from the region. Many crafts disappear. The population makes a living in agriculture, hired himself to the work of others and ceramic production.
For 70 years were built a high school, school for production of chairs and elementary school "St. Kiril and Metodi", two banks and some smaller social buildings. Trough the wars were killed 86 people.
The real growth of the city economically and culturally started in the second half of the twentieth century, when many factories were built: woodworking, abrasive tools, marble, plastic, metal and other businesses. The city found itself. New schools were build, also community center, museum, art gallery, mineral baths, a stadium, athletic fields, rest houses and huts.
Currently Berkowitz is focused on the development of tourism.
Art Gallery "Father Paisius." The building of the old school, "Father Paisius", built in 1872. Now has an exhibition of artwork by 1440.
House-museum of  Ivan Vazov - presented career of  Ivan Vazov, most attention has been paid to the Berkovsky period.

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